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Two mums and a menagerie

| Carolyn Robertson

Many families are different, this one has two mums. They have plenty of space and plenty of love, but will the mums and their children be able to manage their ever expanding animal family? A fun and lively book with delightful illustrations that presents a same sex family in a positive way. A fantastic read for children from LGBT families and adopted children.

Two mums

| Carolyn Robertson

A beautifully illustrated, affirming story of life with two mums written from the perspective of their child. Written in easy to follow rhyming text, the story celebrates the diversity of LGBT family life with humour and warmth; all families are special in their own way.

Child care law Northern Ireland

| Michael Long

This quick reference guide presents a useful overview and accessible summary of the main legal provisions and principles affecting the law relating to child care in Northern Ireland. New updated 2018 edition.

Dealing with Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

| Mary Mather

This authoritative Good Practice Guide is an essential read for all those working with or looking after fostered and adopted children who may be affected by Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) to help ensure that they provide the support these children need to reach their full potential.

Fostering unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people PDF only

| Jim Wade, Ala Sirriyeh, Ravi Kohli and John Simmonds

This research study examines the results of a census survey of four local authorities, looking after over 2,000 unaccompanied young people. How did local authorities plan for and place the young people? How did the young people settle in their foster families, and how did they and the foster carers experience the placement? This study presents a range of implications for policy and practice. AVAILABLE AS PDF ONLY