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Undertaking a health assessment

| Florence Merredew and Carolyn Sampeys

Undertaking a health assessment is designed to help health professionals to utilise the various CoramBAAF health forms that contribute to comprehensive evidence-based health assessments of looked after children, including those with an adoption plan, and prospective foster carers, adopters and kinship carers.

Practice Note 62. The impact of the decision in the UK Referendum

| Alexandra Conroy Harris

The referendum vote in June 2016 for the UK to leave the EU could have wide ranging impacts, including on freedom of movement between the UK and EU, and on the status of European children, adults and families living in the UK. This Practice Note is designed to raise awareness of some of the issues that local authorities and adoption agencies may need to consider when working with European children, adults and families.

Practice Note 63. Restraint and physical intervention in foster care

| Paul Adams

Restraint and physical intervention in foster care, and the training of foster carers to undertake such activity, are controversial issues that divide opinion. However, with increasing evidence of child-to-parent, and adolescent-to-parent, violence, fostering services need to have relevant policies and procedures. This Practice Note provides considered information and advice on this subject.

Adopting a child

| Jenifer Lord

This beginner’s guide is the book for anyone considering adopting in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. This book will guide you through the adoption process, reflecting current legislation and guidance, with real life adoption stories.

Adoption by foster carers

| Elaine Dibben and Viv Howorth

Adoption by foster carers is an area of practice that has attracted controversy and divergent views prevail. This Good Practice Guide explores some of the issues behind the contradictory views. It challenges practitioners to reflect on the established “practice wisdom” and adopt a more open-minded and child-centred approach.