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At times we all struggle to find the right words to talk about how and what we are feeling. Sometimes our feelings are a complex mixture. Sometimes our vocabularies just don’t seem to include the right words to sum up our feelings. Often it is the simplest images and symbols that are the most powerful in conveying how we feel.

The bears is a delightfully simple tool that can help build conversations about feelings in countless ways. The 48 colourful, cartoon bears depicted on the cards have universal appeal. Their facial expressions and body language convey a range of feelings – happy, sad, confident, afraid, shy, energetic, tired, noisy, grumpy…it’s up to the user to decide. 

As there are no words on the cards they are extremely accessible to young children and those with literacy or language difficulties. As a tool The bears cards cross cultural, language, literacy, racial, age and gender barriers.

Social workers, carers, therapists, teachers and all those working with children and young people could use The bears to address a wide range of issues concerned with recognising, expressing and addressing feelings. Suggested activities for children and young people include:

  • Selecting a bear that illustrates how they are feeling right now
  • Selecting cards that show how they often/seldom feel
  • Choosing bears that show how they would like to feel most of the time
  • Combining cards that convey mixed emotions to events or people

Who is this book for?

These cards are ideal for all those doing direct work with children. 

What does this book include?

The bears comprises a set of 48 picture cards, with helpful guidance for those using them with children.