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Supporting the mental health of looked after and adopted children

| Karen Aldred and Helen Rodwell

FEATURED IN THE JULY DEAL OF THE MONTH. This Good Practice Guide for social workers translates the theoretical concepts and research about children’s mental health into straightforward language and practical advice. Taking a holistic and attachment-focused approach, it demonstrates how to understand children’s background and current events, rather than focusing on diagnostic criteria and labels.

Captain Coram - Champion for children

| Written by Robin Ollington. Illustrated by Albany Wiseman

A must-read illustrated book for children aged 7-11 that tells story of the amazing pioneer Thomas Coram who began the UK’s first children’s charity.

The adopter's handbook on education

| Eileen Fursland

This is a must-read book for any parent seeking to support their adopted child through school. It contains information advice and ideas on: choosing and starting a new school; working with a child's school and teachers; financial and other support available for previously looked after children; and rights, special needs support, exclusion and alternative provision.

Practice Note 68. Reducing the risks of environmental tobacco smoke for looked after children and their carers

| Mary Mather and Karen Lehner, revised and updated by Ellie Johnson

This Practice Note updates previous CoramBAAF guidance in the light of changing scientific information and the improved understanding of the effects on health of exposure to passive or second-hand smoke from cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco. This guidance also considers the use of electronic cigarettes/vaping devices by substitute carers.

Two dads

| Carolyn Robertson

Having two dads is double the fun! Many families are different, this family has two dads. A beautifully illustrated, affirming story of life with two dads, written from the perspective of their adopted child.